Sleep Technology

Sleep Technology

For today’s tech-savvy customer, Ergomotion sleep technologies provide personalized, intelligent sleep management solutions.

Ergomotion Sleep Assistant

More than a simple sleep tracker, the Ergomotion Sleep Assistant is your personalized sleep assistant. Together, sensors and software measure and monitor key biometric data and display results in an easy-to-understand manner and can actively intervene in selected cases of sleep disordered breathing.

The system uses piezoelectric sensors to detect changes in heart rate, respiration rate, movement, and types of sleep disordered breathing, such as snoring. Used in many leading sleep tracking products, piezoelectric sensors detect subtle changes in pressure-such movement, pressure changes the tiny movements of the body that accompany each heartbeat, or the rise and fall of the chest during breathing-and send signals to the software. Algorithms in the software parse and interpret the data and, when enabled to do so, actively intervene to lessen the effects of snoring.

Ergomotion Sleep Assistant lets you truly know how well you slept and what you need to pay attention to in order to sleep better.

Ergomotion Sleep Assistant can also alert you to abnormal conditions, making Ergomotion Sleep Assistant an excellent companion for those with sleep issues, the elderly, and the very young.

Ergomotion Sleep Assistant is available with select Ergomotion bases.

Voice Activation

Ergomotion bases support popular voice activation/smart bedroom applications,
such as:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home (pending)
  • Apple Smart Home Applications (pending)

Voice activation combines one of the most comfort and health benefits of the adjustable base. Ergomotion voice activated bases allow users to interact with their adjustable base devices quickly, easily and naturally and with almost no learning curve.

Ergomotion support for voice activation/smart bedroom applications is available on select Ergomotion bases.

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