As part of its strategic emphasis on bringing value, innovation, and advanced technology to bedding and furniture retailers world-wide, Ergomotion, Inc. has named Gui Peres Director of Global Sales. In this new role, Peres will have management responsibility for Ergomotion’s US and international Sales force.

“We’re exceptionally proud to name Gui to this new position,” said Johnny Griggs, Chief Operating Officer of Ergomotion. “Gui is one of the original members of the Ergomotion team, and his history of outstanding performance in driving growth in our international sales is testimony to his ability to lead,” said Griggs.

“Gui is well-known and respected across the industry,” Griggs said, “both internationally and in the US, and he exemplifies those qualities that have helped make Ergomotion the preferred partner of retailers large and small around the globe.”

“I’m humbled to be selected for this position,” Peres said. “Ergomotion truly provides the best option—from any standpoint: quality, price, innovative features, customer service, technology—for furniture and bedding retailers and industry businesses to grow their businesses and their market share. That’s true around the world. I’m honored to be a part of a team that’s leading the industry forward.”

If you’ve ever had low back pain (and over 100 million Americans say they have), you know just how debilitating these pains can be. For back pain sufferers, you also know there’s a long list of expensive remedies, some of which work, some of which don’t.

Zero-G is a position in which the legs are elevated above the heart to increase circulation. At the same time, the head and shoulders are also slightly elevated. The position was actually designed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a launch position for astronauts. The Zero-G position took the pressure of the rocket launch off of the astronauts’ spines. It’s also the same position that the body naturally assumes when floating in zero gravity.

Medical professionals who treat back injuries are familiar with the benefits of using Zero-G to improve the health of the spine. The Zero-G position helps to decompress the spine and decrease muscle tension. Zero-G puts the spine in a position that lessens the pull on the spinal muscles and reduces pressure on the intervertebral discs, both of which are key to spine health, and can lessen nerve impingement and pain. Zero-G can also help decrease hip flexor muscle tension and improve circulation in the lower extremities.

Zero-G is also helpful for individuals who do not have back pain, but who are their feet all day. Elevating the legs improves circulation, and in doing so speeds recovery and lessens swelling.

For those who sit all day (and one study says that’s 86% of Americans), Zero-G may be able to lessen the effects of the “sitting disease.” The position takes pressure off the spine and helps to relax shoulder and neck muscles, while promoting better circulation.

Ergomotion adjustable beds are ideal for helping to relieve these problems, the kind that interfere with a good night’s sleep. With just one touch of the Zero G pre-set button, the Ergomotion bed will elevate your feet above your heart, allowing for increased circulation and less stress and pressure on the lower back. Less pain means more and better sleep, and more and better sleep means a better day tomorrow.

Your bed is more than a piece of furniture-it’s the space where you spend a full third of your life. Skimp on the quality of your bed and you’ll likely wind up tossing, turning and even snoring for countless hours, leaving you exhausted morning after morning.

But, as we’ve seen over and over, taking a one-size-fits-all approach to sleep won’t do the trick. Why? Because the “perfect” sleep style looks different for everyone. If you rely on a standard bed frame, you might not be doing your body any favors. If, though, you’re ready to make a change-and if you’re ready to take your nighttime health more seriously-it might be time to integrate an ergonomic adjustable bed into your PM routine.

Ergonomic beds are a go-to solution for the “louder sleepers” among us. This simple shift can immediately combat snoring by elevating your head and chest while you sleep, helping your airways fully open and reducing your need to strain for breath.

First used in hospitals, adjustable beds are designed for comfort first. By allowing you to elevate any part of the frame instantly, ergonomic beds take pressure off your legs or upper body, alleviating chronic back pain, nerve problems, and more.

How Adjustable Beds Boost Your Health

The benefits of an adjustable bed are anchored in their ability to shift into a number of shapes based on your unique needs. By supporting the base of the spine, ergonomic beds remove pressure from your back and while supporting your head, delivering optimal comfort. This one-two punch reduces pressure points throughout your body so blood can flow freely through your veins without risk of oxygen or nutrient deprivation.

And that’s just the beginning. Some of the biggest benefits you’ll likely experience from investing in the best bed for healthy sleep include:

  • Better Blood Circulation: Sleep on ergonomic beds and you’ll be able to adjust your sleeping position to promote better circulation. By relieving pressure on sleepers’ circulatory system, ergonomic beds make it easier to ensure your extremities maintain good circulation all night long.
  • Improved Digestion: Keeping your body slightly upright may make a positive difference in your digestion. Well-positioned ergonomic beds can prevent you from retaining gas in your stomach-and that can keep you more comfortable throughout the night.
  • Reduced Leg Swelling: Swollen legs and ankles are a common problem for millions of Americans, including pregnant women and people with acute kidney disease, heart conditions and DVT. Not only can swelling be painful, but it tends to get worse during the night-laying flat for hours at a time can increase swelling and inflammation, leading to sleepless nights and achy mornings. Using an ergonomic bed base allows you to raise your legs as needed, preventing fluids from pooling overnight.
  • Relieve Asthma and Sleep Apnea: Nightly breathing issues are often caused by airways that don’t fully open. By simply shifting your position and sleeping more upright, you’ll likely improve airflow through your nasal passages-and more air with each breath can improve sleep quality and reduce snoring. Many doctors recommend patients with chronic snoring sleep with their heads elevated each night-and with adjustable beds, that critical elevation is always a click away. This simple shift can improve sleepers’ health and well-being, and makes ergonomic beds among the best beds for health.
  • Better Sleep for Insomniacs: While ergonomic adjustable beds don’t directly relieve insomnia, they can make a major difference for people who struggle to sleep through the night. Because ergonomic beds encourage flexibility, it’s even easier to find a position that’s comfortable and conducive to sleep.
  • Ease of Getting Out of Bed: For those with limited mobility, getting out of bed can be a struggle. Adjustable beds make the process simple by allowing you to instantly adjust the height of your legs and torso. By raising your chest and shoulders first, ergonomic beds can make it simpler to get into and out of bed, as needed.

Choosing the Bed That’s Right for You

The benefits of a good night’s sleep can’t be oversold-and that’s why investing in the right bed is so important. Choosing an ergonomic bed base is a simple way to relieve pressure points in your body, ease breathing problems, reduce swelling in your legs and boost your sleep and your health in a big way.

Ready to try out an ergonomic bed? Check out Ergomotion adjustable base. Each adjustable base in our collection is crafted for comfort, functionality and style. When you chose an  you’ll give your bedroom a boost while improving your health from the first night.